GREENcoffee User Manual English and Vietnamese Versions

Learn how to use our application through our User Manuals for the GREENcoffee Information Services App.

GREENcoffee Pitch Book English and Vietnamese Versions

GREENcoffee will implement an information service that supports 100,000 coffee farmers in Central Highlands of Vietnam to increase their production, income, food security and to reduce the inputs of water, fertilizer and pesticides. The services target on specific information on weather, rain and humidity forecasts, daily coffee prices and price forecast, farming techniques, extreme weather conditions, pests and diseases via SMS services.

LIZARD Platform Video

Our partner Nelen & Schuurman developed a video that explains the role of their LIZARD platform in our G4AW projects. Watch through the link below!

GREENcoffee Flyer English and Vietnamese Versions

Have a look at our English version of the GREENcoffee project flyer.

GREENcoffee will implement a financially sustainable information service to support 100,000 coffee farmers increase their production, reduce their inputs and improve their livelihoods.

GREENcoffee cung cấp dịch vụ thông tin cho 100.000 nông dân trồng cà phê nhằm tăng chất lượng sản phẩm đồng thời, giảm giá thành đầu vào trong hoạt động canh tác cà phê. Từ đó, nâng cao sinh kế cho người dân.